Project update.

I realize that I haven’t talked about what I’ve been working on in a long time. The answer is headbands. I’ve been making these:

Cherry and Mustard Headbands

The picture is a little overexposed, but they’re knit up in a cherry-coloured and a mustard-coloured sport weight wool. They’re presents for two of my dearest friends. My problem is that now I need the big flowers to go on them, and I need to learn how to make them. I started (rather ambitiously) assuming that they should be crocheted. But betting crochet-overwhelmed has put a hiatus on the headband making. I’ve finally come to terms with crocheting not being the answer; I will look into ways to knit flowers.

Another good friend requested a headband in both black and turquoise. So, fairisle knitting, here I come. As such, I learned to do a bit of intarsia and knit a heart. It looks fairly decent. I think I might be ready for more. As such, my next planned project is a set of these:

Fiddle Head Mittens (Image from

These Fiddlehead mittens are from the site I think I might make my mom a pair of these too.


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