All Out.

I just cleared out a lot of clothing that I don’t wear. This is round three of clothing purges over the last few months, and I think I may actually have reached some state of simplicity in my wardrobe. That is, I mostly only have clothing that I actually wear—something I don’t think I’ve ever been able to say (this, of course, excludes special dresses, even the copper lace dress that doesn’t fit over my recently, and naturally, much larger boobs…how can I get rid of that?). I also have two bags of clothing to give to Oxfam.

Ireland is interesting when it comes to giving clothing away. In Canada, at least on the West Coast, and at least among my friends/acquaintances/general social circle, if someone were moving or trying to get rid of possessions, they would most likely try to sell them. I experienced this first hand recently from an old friend: she offered to give me an air-conditioning unit, and then later clarified that she would either “loan” it to me, and would ask for it back at some hypothetical future date when I leave Canada again, or she would sell it to me. This is by no means strange for Canadians, and I’m sure for many people. But would an Irish person ever do this? No way. Read More…