And the streets are paved with gold.

A and I are back in Canada. We’ve been in Toronto for just over a month. In that time we have found an apartment, moved into said apartment, CLEANED said apartment, looked for jobs, had interviews, waited by the phone, begun bathroom renovations, failed at bathroom renovations, selected paint chips, bought herb plants and gone to garage sales. In addition, I have spent almost two weeks in Victoria, BC, where I grew up and took a week-long course in XSLT encoding there. All in all, quite the last two months of our lives.

I can’t stress enough how happy I am to be back in Canada. We have friends here. Things are busy and happy and bustling here. Even though we don’t have jobs here yet, at the very least we’re no longer lonely in Dublin. AND we have a much much much bigger apartment.

Speaking of apartments, we’ve rented in a turn-of-the-century building in the middle of Little Portugal on the West End of Toronto. Even though our landlord can be a bit abrasive, the location is fantastic and the neighbourhood is chockerblock with old Portuguese men populating old Portuguese man bars and singing and yelling across the street to one another, lots of charcuterie and pastry, and only a bike ride away from some of my very dear friends.

When we moved in the tenants before us had left the place in an absolute state. As in, beard hairs on the sink AND in the freezer kind of a state (ew!). And as we cleaned the bathtub it became apparent that the rust around the drain was in fact a rust hole. Hence the slow-going bathroom renovation. Despite getting off on the wrong foot, the apartment still gave us (or rather, me) a carrot that would keep us happy: the last tenants left an old Singer 247 machine which, despite being dusty and missing the plate to cover the bobbin, just seems like the universe’s way of telling me that it will give me what I want just not always how I want it.

My machine looks just like this! Except more yellow, missing the bobbin cover, and with a screw (yes, a screw) for the top thread support.

I also found a free desk in the hallway that’s in some serious need of love and refinishing. I plan to post pictures as I proceed.

So there you have it. Back in the land of promise where things, slowly but surely, are working out.


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