To my adoring fans….

Although I know that my little blog has a wide audience of one (Hi, A.), I still feel bad having fallen down on my blogging duties so dramatically. My last post was January 30th.

In that time, A and I spent three weeks in Nova Scotia, where he’s from because of an emergency in his family. Then I went on a planned vacation with my mom to Boston for a week, then to Toronto for half a week. In that time I’ve been trying to finish my contract so that I can get started on the next one, and so that I can bring in a respectable amount of income. Oh, and there’s that other thing: we’re moving back to Canada. Toronto, specifically. It became extremely clear to both of us that a) there’s no work to speak of in Europe, b) even if we were going somewhere with work (like Germany), it’s hard for non-EU citizens to get a VISA without a job lined up (poor A), c) we want to make money and not live in poverty or in mould anymore, d) we’re lonely. So, Canada it is, and Toronto specifically where there are friends to be had and money to be made. It was incredibly easy to make this decision, and I don’t think either one of us have had a moment’s regret about it. Our sublet for the month of May in Toronto is all set up, and moving should, hopefully, go off without a hitch.

Needless to say all that travelling hasn’t been too good for my textiles projects, and my poor little sewing machine has been sitting dormant for quite some time. BUT! I am almost finished the Sheepy Time sweater that I’m making for my little cousin, and I also just found out, incidentally, that her favourite animal is sheep. My dress that I was sewing is hanging in my closet unfinished because my sewing machine is sans zipper foot, but I plan to go out and get said zipper foot right after said contract is out of the way.

So, after all this time, what has prompted me to come back and finally write? Two things: this and this.

The first link, to the Flint Knits blog, is a delight to read. The author is critical, funny, and relatable. The second, the Wikipedia page for Craftivism, situates both my project and the Flint Knits project in a wider, movement-based scale. I never thought that I was the first to think of the social, political and anti-capitalist potential of knitting and textile work as something that I came up with all by myself. But it is nice to see other people who engage in a similar politics as me, who I can see myself in dialogue with. It’s simultaneously comforting and gives me a kick in the pants: get up off your arse; if you made an intellectual commitment to something you’d better stick to it.

Speaking of intellectual commitments, I’ve started eating meat. I have to negotiate how my meat eating fits into a responsible consumer ethic. I’m not sure how I’ll do that. I wish sausages weren’t so delicious, but then again I can’t blame pigs for tasting nice. Knowwhati’msaying?

So, as a nice, gentle re-introduction back into blogging, here are some videos of the wonderful George W. Trippon of Sew What’s New (recently mentioned on the wonderful Male Pattern Boldness blog), with the campiest, most wonderful sewing show, that even A fell in love with. Let’s make some pants, please:

N.B.: The wonderful folks over at Worn remarked that, despite George’s fame, he didn’t even have a Wikipedia page. I’m sure that George’s recent extra-15 in the spotlight will soon garner him with a Wiki of his very own.


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