Other people write, too.

In looking through Ravelry.com I came upon the designer, Kate Davies (ravelry name “wazz”), and her marvellous blog. I’m thoroughly smitten. Kate writes:

My name is Kate Davies. I live in Edinburgh, work at Newcastle University, and love writing, knitting, designing, and walking in equal measure. I find that all of these activities have a creative and a critical dimension, and the best of possible worlds is one in which I productively combine them all.

Kate’s project is a very nice, in fact, aspirational, counterpoint to my own: she is an academic with her career underway, rather than stuck in limbo like my masters-degree-holding, PhD-dreaming self; she is an experienced and talented knitter while I’m still testing the waters (or, should we say, foolishly jumping in the deep end?); her discussion of textile history is knowledgeable, balanced and confident. She approaches her topics with an uplifting enthusiasm and humour.

She is also remarkably candid about her recent stroke and rehabilitation. The way that she incorporates reflections on her now differently abled body makes me think about my own recent laziness. I’ve almost always been an active person, and started learning to run properly in August. Kate approaches her physical capacities as integral to her academic, creative, and critical life. Indeed, what is the point of learning a skill, of learning to work with the body, if I don’t recognize skill as part of a bodily reality.

So, I might just go for a run, and start getting my value out of my yoga pass again. And making sure that I approach the many and varied interests of my life with balance rather than obsession. And I should also make this. Thanks, Kate!


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